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In Memory Of

T. Pothan Rao Garu

We dedicate this website in honor of Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu for his admirable efforts for forming marriage bureau and volunteering In different capacities at the All India Velama Hostel (AIVA) for 20 plus years.

Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu was a great leader whose true passion in life was to help others. He had a relentless pursuit to help people, especially poor communities and underprivileged students.

He was born on November 27, 1938 in the small village of Ambakanti in the Nirmal District in now called the state of Telangana. He left his village to Hyderabad in late 1950 to pursue higher education. After graduating, he taught at a high school for several years before accepting a job in the central government of India. In this role he would travel to local villages and towns, educating the villagers on the importance of having life insurance.

Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu was committed and passionate to his work and devoted most of his time mentoring and persuading underprivileged kids to pursue education or careers that would enable them to have a better life.

Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu worked in this role for 30+/- years until his retirement in 1996. After his retirement, He volunteered to join as an administrative officer to manage AIVA Hostel and In 2009, Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu formed the Marriage Bureau for the All INDIA Velama Association and held the position as the chairman.

Shri T. Pothan Rao Garu is remembered for saying, “Your life should serve a purpose for others, you have to do something for society.” He passed away on November 15, 2021 and is survived by his 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and great grand daughter who live across India and the United States

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