VANA Coordination Committee Members

VANA Coordination Committee - consists of the initial founding members. All organizational activities are coordinated and managed by the Coordination Committee. The executive members and event coordination committee members are nominated by VANA Coordination Committee for administrative and event coordination activities. Please see below for the list of the VANA Coordination Committee (VCCC) Members.

Name Email
Praveen Rao Maknoor
Narsinga Rao Parvathaneni
Venu Gopal Rao Sankineni
Venkateswar Rao Ramadugu
Laxmi Narasimha Rao Chinthapalli
Venkat Thandra
Aditya Polsani
Sridhar Rao Nama
Venu Kakulamarri
Ravinder Puskur
Laxmikanth Donthineni
Umapathi Rao Kakkera
Ravi Dharanipathi

Currently, as the membership registration is in progress, VANA Regional Coordination Committees (VRCC) will be formed once the initial registration process is completed. VRCC members will be nominated by the local regional VANA members and the VANA Coordination Committee. Once the Regional VANA Coordination Committees are formed, each VRCC will nominate one member to the VANA CCC. As there is lot of effort required for coordination and growth of the organization, any VANA life member that has time and commitment for the growth of the organization can be considered for the coordination committees.

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