VANA Adhoc Committees - Welcome Onboard

Dear Velama Parivar,

A warm welcome to you all and a big THANK YOU to each of you for coming forward and committing to the Velama cause.

It is this time of the auspicious Dussehra, we the VANA BoD, would like to officially Congratulate and Welcome on Onboard for the various committees and with designated positions, you are entrusted with. We firmly believe that all you leaders are a much-needed representation to the VANA growing diaspora across existing and importantly new pockets across USA. Also, we believe and fully appreciate each of your contributions, time, and efforts that you put forward in your individual and collective capacity.

Please find below the list for the Committees and appointed Chairs and Co-chairs as leaders to those. While we have taken most of your individual feedback we could not do so for all as short of time and so we believe this would be a good starting point and certainly, cross-pollination and growth will happen as we progress.

Also, we plan to make this an official Worldwide announcement on Dussehra Oct 15, 2021. So, please let Raja Rangineni, Gen Secretary- VANA, know if you have any feedback or questions that the BoD can answer/respond with.

Adhoc Committee